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An expedition to Mount Manasulu by French women during this winter

प्रकाशित मिति: 2016/12/29

It was in this running month of December 25th that a French lady left Kathmandu with the cherished hope of scaling one of the eight-thousand meters high mountains Manasulu. She had embarked upon.

A alpine styled climbing voyage without accompanying even a guide.                      

This expedition was organized by Satori Adventures P. Ltd and, as disclosed by Rishi Bhandari, a French borne women Mrs. Revol Elisabeth Marie Bernadette, aged 37 is expected to reach the summit of 8,163 meters high Manasulu. It has also been arranged that up to base camp 2, yet another French climber by the name of Giambiasi Ludovic Jean may lead her to help her overcome any icefall mishap. But, if things move smoothly, Mrs Revol may continue to climb up to the destination, solo.

In actual fact, the trail to Manasulu was, in the first place, discovered by one Japanese and Nepali, Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu respectively in the May 9th of 1956; and since, it has been well favored by all alpinists as a first choice to climb to. There is no denying the fact that Manasulu is absolutely the eighth highest peak in the world and, in the local tongue, it is called Kutang, which, in sancrit, literally means intellect or soul.

As reported by Mr. Bhandari, in the form of an interview, he underwent by Himalaya Times that Mrs. Revol has already had experience of climbing two separate peaks of Gasherbrum & Broad Peak in the last winter season and accomplished it with perfection. In the aftermath of her victorious accent over to Manasulu this year, she is all set to move to Mount Everest assault from South Pole with the coordinated help of three other climbers. In the history of mountain climbing, it has become a normal practice and, of course, an ambition on the part alpinists to establish some form of record in the run up to have name and fame. In the similar perspective, Mrs. Revol is also anxiously aiming to be considered a singularly and first women to conquer Manasulu- indeed, a great ambition!  

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