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An awesome adventure of Wang Jing

प्रकाशित मिति: 2016/06/23

Ms. Wang Jing is the true name of a Chinese lady in her youth; abound of strength, power, aspirations, determination and what not. She has successfully set foot over the Mt. Everest peak for three successive times. And, more amazing is the fact that Wang did conquer all the 8 thousand meters high mountains, spread out in the world with ease. She actually completed her climbing bid from South Pole and North Pole in just 143 days in 2014. She climbed Vinson Massif in Antarctica, Aconcagua of South America, Kilimanjaro of Africa, Carstensz Pyramid of Oceania, Elbrus Summit of Europe, MT. Everest of Asia- Nepal and lastly, but not the least, McKinley of North America.

Towards the beginning of spring in Nepal in the year 2014, the Khumbu region observed a terrible avalanche, resulting in the destruction of several trekking routes, leading to the base camps, in the run up to Everest. However, in such a harsh and inhospitable condition, Wang Jing trekked over the disfigured surface to scale the Everest. And, eventually she did summit herself with full success along with her Sherpa colleagues. In doing so, Wang also established a new world record because she submitted at 6.30 PM at the pinnacle which, none of the climbers had done so at this odd hour before. At a time when even highly acclaimed climbers had to think twice before taking such an attempt, she, with her tremendous zeal willpower completed the projected target making it fully confirmed that she did after all upgrade her hitherto position, to the same status of world’s veteran climber Mr. Reinhold Messener Who is considered to be the world’s best alpinist. In true honor of this unbelievable feat of Everest, Gantabya Nepal Publication had the opportunity to felicitate Wang in subsequent to her return to Kathmandu in 2014. Mrs. Wang Jing has authored two books “Life at Altitude” and “Silence of the summit”. The second book was launched recently on 30th of May at the Prime Minister’s residence. The PM after releasing the book spoke in praise of Wang for her daring feat over the mountains and her lovable disposition to Nepali Diaspora owing to her accommodating nature.

Mrs. Wang’s other facet of life is her commitment to indulge into social work and thereby help enhance the standard of impoverished. In order to carry out her mission she has established an office “Jing Foundation” which is primarily aiming at to raise the standard of Sherpa community, in particular, by building their schools, monasteries, hospitals and other welfare activities. She is currently acting as a chairperson of Jing Foundation itself and through this good office she is coordinating the relief supply of help to the quake run-down areas as well. Wang’s spree for help to Sherpa does not seem to be diminishing. She is in the run to bring more donations to be spent in the health and educational sectors to raise their current standard.

Wang Jing’s attachment to Sherpa community is unfailing as it augurs with love and emotion. This is why; she says “Nepal is like my second home town and Sherpa - my family members”. “My heart always goes to the home town and my dreams run over the mountain of Nepal”. Actually, such nostalgia over the Nepali people has drawn her to visiting this country every now and then. Wang’s phenomenal job in Nepal now suggests that she has singlehandedly established yet another chapter in the Sino-Nepal relationship of goodwill and ever brilliant friendships. Perhaps, in reorganization of her unconditional love and dedication to this country, Nepal Government warmly nominated her as a Brand Ambassador in 2015.

While keeping in mind her busy working schedule in her sort stay in Nepal, our senior Correspondent Surendra Lohani wanted to have an official interview with her. Before her departure to home early next morning, Surendra caught her up in Gokarna Resort, during ‘Sherpa  Book’ launching ceremony in the evening amidst a huge gathering of tourism personalities along with concerned Minister being present and, with greater difficulties, succeeded putting few quick questions in regard to her adventure.
 You have done really a daring attempt to climb Everest subsequent to the avalanche disaster in 2014 when most climbers were reluctant to try. How did you make it?

Yes, I know, that was the time when Everest region was tempered by excessive snow fall and avalanche and most places were inaccessible. Nevertheless, we kept on moving up with full determination and hope. But, I was not the only one then; with me were bunch of Sherpa who were charged with high ambitions and they all marveled for the future. With me I possessed a high degree of optimism to ensure that somehow or other I need to go there and to my dream come true. I was completely assured of Sherpa’s unconditional support and blessings. At one time while being at the elevation of 6 thousand meters high wall of Everest, we were forced to fix the rope in order to pull us up. With the combined team work, we succeeded putting it in right place and height and our pathways became bit easier thereafter.
 Apart from being such an accomplished and reputed climber, you are finding yourself as a true social worker and have donated hugely to Nepali people. What entailed you to do so.?
I have developed a kind of benevolent attitude towards the helpless people right from my early days of childhood. And I am still committed to doing well for them. This is a kind of human psyche I have warmly preserved in my heart and soul. While looking at the type of daily life, the Sherpa brothers and sisters are leading, in the far flung desolate places like Solokhumbu, devoid of even basic necessities, I was encouraged forthwith, with the immediate decision, to providing all possible humanly co-operation right there. So, from the day of my meeting with Sherpa, I am lured to help them out in their field of neglected schooling and medication, till today.

 It appears that you have equal footing on academic field as well - based on the fact that you have succeeded writing and publishing two different books on Himalayan experiences. It is quite a feat, is ‘not it?
Indeed! I have quite an appetite for writing books of my interest. Himalaya climbing and urge for writing are two inseparable part of my life. And, in doing so, I bore inmind that people will know me intimately. Meanwhile, I may also be able to vent my inner feelings with the readers. The other thing that inspired me to write is to ultimately communicate to readers in relation to my acquired knowledge and practical experience and my know how of the subject. By doing this, I think, we can maintain sort of two ways rapport in the run up understand each other well. And, amidst the general mass, you are also creating a lasting impression of a thoughtful writer. So, bearing this aspect in mind, I give preference in writing.

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