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A Phenomenal contribution by Mr. Gil

प्रकाशित मिति: 2017/06/27

A South Korea based highly profile gentlemen, with the name of Captain Um Hong Gil, had graciously proposed to build a hospital – Namche Clinic- at the Namche of Mt. Everest region for which the ground breaking ceremony was observed in the month of March 2016 . The estimated cost of the project is going to be one hundred and fifty thousand dollar; the entire sum of investment will be forth-coming from Um Hong Gil Foundation and the Mountain Medicine Institute. It is, however, a matter of great achievement that within the very short time-frame of one year the hospital construction project was completed in April, 2017. It was not long ago, that the hospital was handed over to the people of Namche for medical treatment, in an opening ceremony, participated by the local villagers together with Mr. Um Hong Gil (Founder), Mr. Hong Ok Sung, general secretary of the Foundation.


Mr. Gil had cherished a great aspiration contemplating that, in the event ,he succeed putting up a hospital in such an inhospitable and remote place like Namche Bazaar, it will unleash a great health related services to the mankind not only belonging to the local dwellers but also for trekkers and mountaineers alike, coming from far and wide. By rough estimate it has be observed that there are nearly 8,000 residents in the Namche who are dire in need of such a clinical hospital. And, in view of 15,000 migrants workers around that area together with 35,000 mountaineers who could now summarily rely upon the service of this grand hospital for ailments.  It should be considered as a grand hospital because Mr. Gil has given every thought and incentive to make this project modern equipped with present day technological facilities by all possible standard. There is now a growing ray of hope amongst the general people in Nepal that with the advent of services of such an elaborate hospital in the Mount Everest region in place, one cannot now feel any hesitation in making a sojourn to that foothill for any fear confronting from high altitude sickness. To cite other phenomenal humanitarian benefit accruing from the Namche clinic hospital is that for over pretty long time the local residents as well as foreigners had to be rushed in a chartered helicopter for emergency treatment, for sudden illness, back to Kathmandu in the absence of reliable hospital in Namche.  But, however, with the opening of such a health centre at the sight a great relief have been experienced both in terms of saving of time and money for the people of all walks of life, while reducing the mortality rate to a greater extent. In Nepal, as the people are highly spiritually charged and have the tendency to owe their gratitude for all those who help them, Mr., Um Hong Gil and his Foundation have, in the present context, emerged as a great savior who have appeared before them with full of blessings and the warmth of mercy.

Now, who is this benign and good-hearted guy called Mr. Gil? He is actually a Director of UMHONGGIL Human Foundation and also a technical adviser of Mittle Company based in Korea. Meanwhile, he was also a chair professor of Sangmyung University.  His academic career starts from being post graduating in Physics, going up to receiving PhD in the same faculty honored by Kyunghee University. He also carried out foreign studies in Hankuk University of repute. This is a complete exemplary to show as to how he sharpened his intellect with such a high degree of academic learning. After completing his deep-seated learning, Mr.Gil embarked in different fields to offer his knowledge and abilities. His perseverance and talent- laden working methodology soon brought his image amidst the people of Korea as a versatile character of extraordinary personality of the contemporary period. This is why, in a bid to recognize his astounding contribution to the society he was warmly felicitated with several prizes and awards. To name the few, he got the Mountaineer award by the Federation of University Mountaineer. He also was awarded Man of the year by Korean UNESCO of Seoul Association. He, besides being a mountaineer himself, is a great sportsman as well and so, succeeds receiving Maegho Award, the order of sports. Mr. Gil is nominated for 100 people who grace the country in 10 years by Dong- a newspaper in 2012. He worked in the capacity as Honorary Ambassador of Korean committee of plan International and also Korean Olympic Champion club. Besides these, he has to his credit a wide range of such awards and decorations offered and received which clearly indicates of his superb credentials of high performance.

To such a great soul like Mr. Gil, Gantabya Nepal weekly Publication take this opportunity of congratulating him of his phenomenal noble job not only to the people of Nepal and Korea but to the entire world. We extend all the good wish to him for his endeavor to doing humanitarian job for the benefit of people at large. By Shiva Adhikari, Gantabya Nepal.


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