Monday, November 29, 2021

E-Smart Heritage Tourism

Dr. Gyanendra Ratna Tuladhar In support of NPA (Nepal Ph.D. Association)
प्रकाशित मिति: 2018/08/24

In the 21st century as the technology is exponentially growing day by day with mobile being an essential need of our daily life to run every aspect including the day to day activities. In this context, we should not forget, Nepal has also been growing very fastin Information Technologies in every functions and activity. On the other hand, the concept of theSmart City is growing all over the world, where the human services are technically savvy, and smartly used.

In this regard, E-Smart Heritage Tourism is the idea of technological conversion of primitive way of looking at the hard copy of map into mobile version of street guide, that helps the tourist/visitorsmartly spot the location as well as smartly get primitive to detail information with/without support of supportive to tell them the way/path as well as dependent guide.

The objective of E-Smart Heritage Tourismis looking smart and get smart for Whoa! satisfaction, that deal with:

Smart conversion of hard copy of themap to smart mobile map. As mobile and internet havebeen needed for survival for a 21st-century human being, all the touristsare believed to carry a mobile where theinternet works and mobile app with the map of Kathmandu valley’s popular Heritage walk integrated into it.

Smart Navigation and Smart Location: Visitors/Tourist will not be helpless to have the full knowledge of his location where his stand and the way to walk through as the Smart Navigation will help him/her to reach the location without any wrong turns.

Smart Knowledge of Distance and Time: As Kathmandu’s Heritage Walk is big enough to finish in just one day as the walk consists of thevarious route and from a short distance favoring tourist to tourist who wants to know real Kathmandu by enjoying our Heritage. The application will give a smart knowledge of the distance and the value of time that will be taken to visit the place from his location onwards with thebest route.

Smart Tourist: As the application will be the information supplier for the tourist, he/she can take a smart decision for time management to take the correct Heritage Walk/Tour from any point of location.

Smart Introduction on History of Heritage: It is important for a tourist to have a brief introduction of our heritage and they have eager to know its history and story behind its origin were on theselection of heritage will be given.

Alert of Fee to be Paid: We can’t skip the part the tourist to pay the minimal fee for the heritage site for them to enter and enjoy it which will be alerted to them beforehand for integrity and clarity.

False information leading to trapping: different locals have different knowledge and weave stories to make attentive, that twist the factual and valueless.

Standardized the Activities: As tourist keeps on having major complains they have been misguided and cheated by the locals for various reason we can minimize it by keeping the standards and giving the knowledge through the application for integrity and clarity.

Smart Language: Language is not a problem anymore, to a tourist/visitor, coming from different part of the world.The English language has been necessary language, but we won’t be restricting them to know the vast English Language. Smart Language can use their own Native Language, for google translation, to understand our culture and heritage.

Smart hearing: Why shouldreadif can hear it. All the detail briefing introductions and history of the heritage can be available both in theaudio and textual format on the mobile, in the concept of thesmart city.

Value for the money: each ticket number will be unique, which should be entered into amobile application to activate the application for the requireda number of days, and this will make it compulsory for tourist/visitor to pay or get the ticket number.

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